Quantum Human Design Reader 
& Breathwork Practitioner

I guide conscious entrepreneurs, change-makers and go-getters to align with their Soul-led purpose, through RADICAL self-awareness and deep inner alignment.

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Welcome to Soul Stories, with Sara Miller.

Let's talk about You.

Radical self-awareness is the pathway to vitality, success and fulfilment at a Soul level.

In order to live out your desires, you must know who you are and why you are here.

Together, we are going to explore the story of where you've been and create the narrative of who you are yet to become.


Through the knowledge of Human Design, we are able to connect with your truest nature, delve into your conditioned areas, speak to the challenges that you face and uncover your higher purpose.

In whichever area of life you are feeling stuck, be it Purpose, Love or Money, getting to know YOU is the key to creating long lasting, positive transformation, which is perfect, just for you.

Are you ready to EMBRACE your magnetism and live a life that is aligned to your Soul?

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What is Human Design?
How do I know if it's for me?
What will it teach me about myself?
What to expect:
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Human Design is such an incredible field, but I really didn’t know much about it before working with Sara. Our session was filled with illuminating info that shined a light on pretty much every area of my life where I felt stuck, and also explained or confirmed what my unique gifts are. I was blown away by how accurate and helpful her insights were. In particular, learning about my “response strategy” has totally changed the way I approach taking action in the world, and I’ve noticed immediate and amazing results. I highly recommend working with Sara. She is a delight, a fountain of wisdom, and a true gift.

Aaron, Sante Fe

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Sara Miller - improve your personal & professional partnerships

Would you like to improve your personal & professional partnerships?

Human Design is a tool not only for expanding our self-awareness, but for more deeply understanding our peers, partners, family and friends. So that we can develop greater empathy and alleviate judgement in our relationships, to focus instead on being the best partner/peer/friend that we can be.

With a combined chart analysis, we can see the electro-magnetics that create attraction and compatibility in relationships, to understand where you compliment, affect and challenge each other's energies. This awareness allows you to create space, build upon your bonds and strengthen your partnerships.