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What is Human             Design?

Who am I?

Am I the right guide for you?

How is Quantum Human Design Different?


Who Am I?

Projector - Gentle Guide, Natural Leader, Teacher

Empath - Attuned to Energy, Able to Feel the Truth of Others

Vessel for Ideas - Bursting with Creative Energy and Fantastical Visions to Share

Investigator - Thrives on Study, Depth & Learning. Designed to Question Everything

Explorer - Curious Soul on a Colourful Quest for Meaning, taking the Scenic Route

(IM)Patient - Here to Master Flow in Alignment with Divine Timing

Storyteller - Using Words to Weave it All Together and Express Through Language


My Story

I’m Sara, an English-born Yoga and Philosophy loving nature-seeker. I’m a soulful and passionate Coach, who currently spends her days based between Sydney and Bali, living a life of Health, Sunshine, Freedom and Spirit, actively pursuing an Organic and Natural lifestyle, full of adventure. I’m an open-minded and curious soul, who endeavours to live an intentional, conscious life and to find balance in the every day.


Previously a Fashion and party enthusiast, I worked in the fast-paced Corporate world in London for many years, travelling around the globe, living a high-stress, fast-paced lifestyle, in which I was never fully awake to the possibilities of life, or the truly limitless capabilities of our minds and bodies. Almost 10 years ago, I embarked on my journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation.

I’ve studied Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Coaching and Human Design. I believe in always learning and I’m forever educating myself in the field of Wellness, which for me is a collaboration for life.


I’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, tested the products, trodden the emotional journey, tried all the diets, experimented with all kinds of healing and self-discovery on my own body and mind and travelled far and wide, so that you don’t have to go through it all. Throughout my journey, I developed a strong understanding for the importance of self-awareness, as the pathway to love, fulfillment and success.


I feel more content and energised than ever before, which comes from the practices I dedicate myself to every day. I've learnt to the life that best fulfils my Soul. Now it’s my time to share and help you in navigating your journey to your best health and happiness, to find a loving relationship with yourself and creating the life that you desire.

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Proffesional Bio

Quantum Human Design Specialist

Holistic Wellness Coach

Meditation Teacher - Yoga Nidra Specialist

Certified Yoga Instructor

Previously - Fashion Designer & Buyer

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What is Human Design?

Human Design is a complex tool for personal development, which guides you in best managing your energy, understanding your conditioning, reconnecting with your Higher Purpose, shining a light on your natural gifts and exposing your challenges and areas for growth.

The system is a synthesis of Western Astrology, The Jewish Kaballah, The Chakra System, The Chinese I-Ching and Quantum Physics. These modalities combine to create an entirely unique entity, which empowers you with self-awareness and provides a blueprint for your Soul and Life. Each person has their own unique chart. To create your chart, you need your birth date, time and location. (No time? Email me to discuss a solution)

There are 5 Energy Types

Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting-Generator, Projector, Reflector and everyone falls into one of these. Your Type guides you to manage your energy, the way in which you’re here to work and do and your role within humanity and some natural challenges. Each Type is gifted with a Strategy for manifesting with greater ease and an Authority to aid the decision-making process. Your profile depicts your specific learning style and indicates a kind of ‘character’ for your life.

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The unique Birth Chart contains 9 Energy Centres, 64 Gates and 36 Channels. Within the personal chart, you will have ‘Definition’ and ‘Openness’, which is everywhere that you see white space. These defined codes provide Themes, Archetypes and predictable behavioural patterns that will likely play out in your life. Astrology provides even greater depth and specific life cycles.

Human Design is not simply for the Self, but for the greater Whole. As we each accept and embrace our gifts and step into our rightful role on the planet, we will impact the space around us. We become able to see and feel the uniqueness of others with greater empathy and understanding. Human Design evolves as we evolve and exists to guide humankind into alignment.

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Would you like a free guide to align to your Energy Type?

Traditional Human Design

  • For the 'Not-Self', unconscious human, living into conditioned behaviours.

  • Language designed to shock and wake.

  • Rules for how you should live your life, remaining focussed on the information received.

  • For a conscious, evolved seeker, exploring personal growth. 

  • Language created to expand and empower.

  • Using your own curiosity, intuition and lived experience in conjunction with the information, to grow and expand uniquely, in the way that only you can.

Quantum Human Design


"It’s easy for me to say that Sara is gifted, but it’s more than that. Her compassion, encouragement and ability to focus on someone else’s challenges fully, enables her to transform what she has heard into credible, valuable and honest insight."

Sharon, UK