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Partnership Journey

For partnerships of 2, taking a journey of personal & collaborative discovery.

Do you want to experience greater harmony and crystal clear communication in your relationship?

Are you ready for connection on a deeper spiritual level?

Can you imagine feeling seen and understood by your partner everyday and in return, seeing the truth of who they are?

This is what Human Design as a duo can do for you...

Who is this for?

✧ Couples of 2 – Personal, romantic, professional or otherwise.

✧ You can be brand new to Human Design, or already on the journey. There's always room to expand and grow with this knowledge. And once you know yourself, you are able to positively impact those around you and create transformation in the World.

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What to expect:

» 1 or 2 videos to watch ahead of the session, specific to the Energy Type of each partner.

» The first 2 sessions will be individual chart readings for each partner, to deeply understand yourselves as individuals.


» The 3rd session will be a combined chart analysis, assessment of electromagnets to focus on attraction zones vs areas for growth.

What are the benefits?

This package provides a deep understanding of yourself, your partner and your combined energies, allowing you to navigate your relationship with greater empathy and understanding, less judgement and more space for growing together harmoniously, as you allow your gifts to compliment one another, as they are designed to.

What's Included?

1 or 2 x Video for your Energy Type

2 x Individual 75m Session

1 x Combined 75m Session

Voxer Support between sessions



To enquire about customised packages for a team, group, or family dynamic, email me :) 

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This has taken all judgement & confusion out of my relationships. No matter if it's a stranger or partner, I now feel everyone as their own unique entity.
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This knowledge transformed my personal  experience and understanding of Love...

With a 'colourful' dating history of my own, it was an incredible eye-opener to understand my own patterns, motivations and needs within a partnership. To be able to see what attracted me to another person and the ways in which I contribute were truly lifechanging.

Within my own partnership, the depth of understanding I now have for my partner is beyond anything I would have been able to see or accept myself. I am also able to articulate my needs in a way that minimises confusion and creates harmony between us. It's been hugely freeing for us both and minimised frustration or judgement at a monumental level.


Being with another person is so natural and yet so very challenging at the same time. I believe in making things as easy as possible and in educating ourselves to to create the best opportunities within our relationships. Let's all play to our strengths and allow other people the room to play to theirs.