Nature vs Nurture and the Road to Deconditioning.

We’re a perfect blend of our Souls intention and the experiences that we have throughout our lives. While we each have natural gifts, talents, preferences and so on, of course, we learn through observation of our caregivers as we grow, become conditioned by the company that we keep and the environment in which we live. We learn to please, to fit in, to follow the model that society has created for us, in order to survive. And we only know what we know – If you’ve never observed a different way of being, of living, eating, communicating, it would be very difficult to simply establish your own unique method.

It is in the journey that we expand our minds, meet new people, learn new words, discover new foods and gradually open up to the plethora of possibilities that exist inside of us and start to tap on the door of the buried Soul, reigniting parts of yourself that have been yearning to feel and express.

As you begin to awaken the Soul and the knocking becomes louder… it’s not so simple as opening the flood gates to freedom. The layers and years of conditioning are as much the person we are as the truth of our natural being. There are blocks, patterns, fears, beliefs, scars and traumas that we hold onto inside of our bodies… and their ‘job’ is to protect you from ever making the same ‘mistakes’ again. To stop you from getting hurt at ALL costs and to keep you safe from any perceived harm, failure and embarrassment. Whatever that looks like to you.

That’s not to say that your conditioning isn’t also full of grace, beauty, wisdom, joy and more. Great! This is the stuff you want to keep for the forward journey. The rest, is valuable learning and insight. You’ll never get an education like it anywhere else but where you’ve been.

So the trick is in tuning into yourself deeply enough to discern which bits are You… You the Soul. Which bits are old conditioning and broken patterns that you’re ready to let go of and which bits of your nurtured life are you so grateful to have been given, that have helped you expand into your Human Experience. For example; Language – Where would you be as Human, without having learned the ability to express your thoughts through words?

This is what we people mean when they speak of UNBECOMING who you were, in order to BECOME who you’re destined to be. And it’s a vital, evolving and ongoing process on the journey to your truth.

So, how can Human Design help us to begin the process of Unbecoming, in order to Become? The Human Design chart provides a combination of defined elements and openness for each individual. It is in your ‘Definition’ that you are more fixed in your ways and gifted with energies that are more easily accessible to you, providing a pathway to your personality and ‘purpose’ (Sidenote; YOU are your purpose – More on this separately). These are also the energies that you project out into the World and other people feel from you.

Each defined centre, gate or channel within the chart can be expressed in a high, balanced way, through a conscious and connected Human. OR, the low expression of the energy can present itself through us, to show signs of an imbalance and deep conditioning in that area. This is known as the ‘Not-Self’.

To give you a clear example of this, let’s look at the Channel 10-20, which in it’s high expression is known as ‘The Buddha Channel’ – Here to empower, uplift and inspire people through language. In the low expression, it’s known as ‘The Verbal Gunslinger’ and has the ability to disempower, hurt and cleverly criticise others using words, with deep insecurity and low self-worth at the root of the imbalance.

So, as we learn the energies that are contained within our own charts, we can begin to observe where we are presenting as the Not-Self, in our conditioned essence. There are 64 gates within the Human Design chart, each with their own theme, (although there are also repetitive themes that occur to build the pattern of who we are.) Different gates will feel more prominent to us at different times and they can each manifest uniquely through us, given the way that they are combined with other forces, in a way that is completely unique to you, your chart and your experiences. You may be deeply conditioned in one particular gate or energy, because of a family member with who you spent a lot of time as a child for example.

In becoming familiar with the energies that we carry, one by one, we can dissect them and go deeply into understanding where and why we are acting out of imbalance and conditioning, what the purpose is of this energy, how to release any trauma and break any patterns, so that we can consciously honour the higher expression of who we are being asked to be. There will be some energies that we need to spend longer with, some that will be quick, painless and joyful and others that may be an evolving and long journey. The point is that in knowing the energies that you carry, in knowing who you are and who you’ve been, you can consciously nurture yourself and be intentional about the life and story that you will create as you move forward, rather than being blindly conditioned as you flow through life.

The other way in which Human Design can guide us to understanding our conditioning is to look at the white space in our chart. We are most vulnerable to conditioning, experiencing variable energies and being changeable within ourselves, in the places where we are ‘Open’. So with that, this is the best place to begin.

Each of the nine Energy Centres represents a different part of the Human experience. Remember – Where you are defined in a centre is where you are more fixed, less susceptible to conditioning, projecting energy out into the World and you have a sustainable source of Energy in this area. Where you are open in a centre, you are open to conditioning, variability and you have an unsustainable energy source. This can create overwhelm or confusion in this centre, offering abundant lessons and experiences for you to learn in this lifetime. The more openness you have in your chart, the more ‘empathetic’ you are to receiving energy in from people and the environment around you and likely the more deconditioning you will face. As a Projector with only 2 centres defined – I can speak very clearly to openness in the centres.

So again, one at a time, we take each centre, we understand it and the way it presents in our lives and then we move through the de-conditioning in order to bring ourselves into a natural state of equilibrium.

Would you like to begin the deconditioning process?

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