Nature vs Nurture and the Road to Deconditioning.

We’re a perfect blend of our Souls intention and the experiences that we have throughout our lives. While we each have natural gifts, talents, preferences and so on, of course, we learn through observation of our caregivers as we grow, become conditioned by the company that we keep and the environment in which we live. We learn to please, to fit in, to follow the model that society has created for us, in order to survive. And we only know what we know – If you’ve never observed a different way of being, of living, eating, communicating, it would be very difficult to simply establish your own unique method.

It is in the journey that we expand our minds, meet new people, learn new words, discover new foods and gradually open up to the plethora of possibilities that exist inside of us and start to tap on the door of the buried Soul, reigniting parts of yourself that have been yearning to feel and express.

As you begin to awaken the Soul and the knocking becomes louder… it’s not so simple as opening the flood gates to freedom. The layers and years of conditioning are as much the person we are as the truth of our natural being. There are blocks, patterns, fears, beliefs, scars and traumas that we hold onto inside of our bodies… and their ‘job’ is to protect you from ever making the same ‘mistakes’ again. To stop you from getting hurt at ALL costs and to keep you safe from any perceived harm, failure and embarrassment. Whatever that looks like to you.

That’s not to say that your conditioning isn’t also full of grace, beauty, wisdom, joy and more. Great! This is the stuff you want to keep for the forward journey. The rest, is valuable learning and insight. You’ll never get an education like it anywhere else but where you’ve been.

So the trick is in tuning into yourself deeply enough to discern which bits are You… You the Soul. Which bits are old conditioning and broken patterns that you’re ready to let go of and which bits of your nurtured life are you so grateful to have been given, that have helped you expand into your Human Experience. For example; Language – Where would you be as Human, without having learned the ability to express your thoughts through words?

This is what we people mean when they speak of UNBECOMING who you were, in order to BECOME who you’re destined to be. And it’s a vital, evolving and ongoing process on the journey to your truth.

So, how can Human Design help us to begin the process of Unbecoming, in order to Become? The Human Design chart provides a combination of defined elements and openness for each individual. It is in your ‘Definition’ that you are more fixed in your ways and gifted with energies that are more easily accessible to you, providing a pathway to your personality and ‘purpose’ (Sidenote; YOU are your purpose – More on this separately). These are also the energies that you