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Projectors on Purpose

3 month live group container

The awakened and empowered Projector is here to guide the collective into an awakened and empowered future, in which we all thrive according to the nature of our unique essence.

This offering is for all Projectors who are ready to thrive in alignment with their aura, for Projectors who are ready to meet sustainable and easeful success, for Projectors who are ready to differentiate themselves from the outdated model of society and enrich their process of living life as an awakened and empowered Projector, through their self, their relationships and their purpose.

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Entering into Human Design as a Projector is such a beautiful sense of relief, as you feel truly seen and able to understand your own incredibly unique process, perhaps for the first time in your life.

Yet simultaneously, it can be overwhelming, given that your natural process is to go to the depths of exploration of the wisdom and of course understanding how to embody your energetic truth, whilst remaining a rare part in a big world.

Each role is essential, yet for Projectors it is the most layered and complex. 

This is an educational and experiential learning process, during which you will learn to thrive as a Projector, through your specific definition and activation, because it is not accurate to sweep all Projectors under the same carpet. 

The energetics and nuance of the wisdom will be presented in depth, alongside of practical tools for integrating this into your lifestyle to create a truly embodied experience.

This is an immersive container, which will allow you to deeply RECEIVE the codes and wisdom which you desire, whilst also offering space for you to be seen, recognised and differentiated.

The community essence and allowing yourself to be immersed into the energy of those sharing your journey is an incredibly powerful part of the integration and expansion.

What to Expect:


✧ Each live session will be centered around an educational theme, during which I will transmit the relevant information for you to receive (see below session flow)


✧ This container is indulgently designed, to move between transmissions of Human Design wisdom, synthesised with practices and tools to fine tune your energy and create mindset and behavioural change, enabling you to truly EMBODY the Projector experience.

✧ There will be space for sharing and coaching, to allow you to integrate your experiences and personal chart questions more deeply. To experience what it means to be truly witnessed, recognised and supported in a safe, intimate, differentiated container of awareness, is essential for the mechanics of the Projector design to thrive.

✧ Not only am I a Projector myself; I'm extensively educated and certified in the wisdom of Human Design, in mindset and behavioural coaching and in breathwork and meditation. The reality is this; Human Design is an INCREDIBLE body of wisdom and has given us the language to articulate the human experience and our own realities in ways that had been beyond our comprehension previously. BUT; without integration and the ability to navigate and hold space for the deconditioning to occur, it remains no more than information. It moves into wisdom through the synthesis of practical human application and that is what you will receive in this container (and in fact every container that I offer).

What's Included:

» 3 months total journey time

» 10 x live 90 - 120 minute sessions (3 weeks on with 1 week off for integration)


» Meditation resources for your personal practice

» Learning portal with session recordings (whilst I encourage you to join live, transmissions will be equally powerful when watched via recording)

£888 in one payment / £444 in 2 monthly payments

Once you fully embody your authentic Projector essence, your aura will do the talking for you.

Session Flow:

Whilst I absolutely have a structure for this programme, I will allow space for creation to emerge organically. So, during the process, it may well divinely unfold outside of the structure. (Basically, all topics as below will be covered, yet please do not attach too tightly to the order).

  1. Gifts / Aura / Success

  2. Invitation / Recognition / Visibility

  3. Types / Authorities 

  4. Not-Self / Burn-Out / Bitterness

  5. Coming into union with the body 

  6. Definition / Profiles

  7. Projectors in Business

  8. Energy Management / Best Practices

  9. Relationships

  10. Breathwork + Closing Q & A / Discussion

Times & Dates:

Please note - Month 1 sessions will be held on different days/times than months 2 & 3. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to a learning portal after live sessions. If you cannot attend live, all transmissions will be available and uncompromised when watched outside of the live group container. Likewise, I offer 90 - 120 minutes for the live sessions as a guide, but the timing will be flexible to allow for the highest possible delivery and service to your needs.

Month One:

​1. Thursday 28th July @ 10am PST

​2. Thursday 4th August @ 10am PST 

​3. Thursday 11th August @ 10am PST

Month Two:

​4. Wednesday 24th August @ 6pm PST 

​5. Wednesday 31st August @ 6pm PST

​6. Wednesday 7th September @ 6pm PST 

Month 3:

​7. Wednesday 21st September @ 6pm PST

8. Wednesday 28th September @ 6pm PST

9. Wednesday 5th October @ 6pm PST 

Closing Ceremony:

10.  Wednesday 19th October @ 6pm PST + Thursday 20th October @ 10am BST (A slot to suit the US and a slot to suit Europe)