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Hi, I'm Sara...

The Creator of Soul Stories - Projector, Teacher, Guide, Empath and Storyteller.

I support and nurture your genius, guiding you to reach your next level and share your authentic gifts with the world through Human Design, Breathwork and Coaching.

If you are here to be a part of a conscious future on our planet, to raise the standards of living, break the moulds of workplace conditioning, live a life on your own terms and BE the example to expand those coming up behind you, then your must EMBODY the soulful entrepreneur that you desire to be.

If you are committed to your mission and ready to optimise your health and mindset, learning to THRIVE in a way that is completely unique to you, then let's talk.

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It is my intention to...

Inspire you with the complex knowledge of your Human Design chart, in bite-sized accessible chunks.

Empower you with tools to carry forward for deeper integration and ongoing learning.

Build a community of conscious change-makers and go-getters who radiate self-love and embrace their full power, who are are ready to take their work and businesses to the next level, ready to meet success on their own terms, ready to meet themselves on a deeper level and learn to thrive in a way that is completely unique to them.

This is not business strategy (in the traditional sense) - this is deepening the connection to your higher purpose and witnessing your business thrive as a byproduct of DEEP inner alignment and optimal health in the mental, spiritual and physical sense.

- 4 x 75m Live Zoom sessions, including Human Design Analysis + Breathwork

- Video + Guidebook for energy Type

- Voxer Access between sessions


The Joy of Being You 
1 Month 1:1 Kick-Starter Package

- 10 x video lessons

- 10 x guided visualition meditations

- 10 x guided breathwork sessions

- Plus exercises for each centre


A self-paced journey through the Centres


- Live 1:1 Zoom sessions, including Human Design, Breathwork & Coaching

- Video + guidebook for energy type

- At home supportive exercises

- Direct Voxer access between sessions

Plus so much more!


1:1 Soul Transformation
3-6 Month Containers


Synthesising group with 1:1 sessions, integrating Human Design, Breathwork, Coaching, Movement & Education.

This is the place where we learn to embody our Souls design, through a holistic approach to physical, mental & spiritual health. Including educational content, inspiring guest experts, mindset & embodiment practices, soul-filled community connections and more.


4 Month Group Container

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Give the Gift of Human Design

Choose any of the available services to treat your colleagues, friends or loved ones with a meaningful and impactful gift that will stay forever in their hearts. 

The service will be organised discreetly, it can be at a moments notice and there'll be something special in their inbox on the chosen day, in addition to the reading itself.

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Sessions are via Zoom video call.


All sessions are recorded and yours keep.

All purchased videos and audios included are yours to KEEP for life. I encourage you to watch as many times as you feel called!

Workshops & community calls are also recorded, in case you are unable to attend live sessions.

To obtain your Human Design Chart, you need your birth date, time & location (Country & City.)​

If you don't have your birth time - There's a way that we can work through this - Shoot me a message and we'll chat :).​

Access your birth chart HERE.

What is Quantum Human Design and how is it different? See here.

To enquire about a customised package for a team, family or group dynamic, email me :)

Payment plans are welcome... contact me to organise the best option.

Still got questions?...



Working with Sara has been such a positive and enlightening experience. I feel stronger, more positive and healthier.  My focus at work has improved, as has my ability to push myself and my perceived boundaries.

Sara goes above and beyond and is genuinely interested in my well-being. She has positively impacted all areas of my life and I’m so thankful to her. Not only has she helped to improve my life, but she has improved that of my families too.

- Gemma, UK


Sara is such a warm and authentic guide. We were lucky to meet through Instagram and I was instantly drawn to her energy and care. She is so knowledgeable and she really held space for me to absorb and learn my human design. She helped me see my patterns and unlock areas of my life that I needed to talk through. I would highly recommend others to work with Sara.

- Elisabetta E, USA

I honestly feel like my life has completely changed today! Everything Sara said felt aligned and I'm sure in time other parts of the reading will keep speaking to me in new ways. I feel so calm and reassured that I am on the right path in life and I am excited for the rest of my journey. By understanding that I am a Generator and what that means, I can now use this to the best of my ability to proceed further in life all aspects of my life! 

- Holly, UK 

It's all about the delivery - My reading with Sara changed the entire course of my biz and life in general. I just re-booked a package with my partner for our combined analysis!

- Hara, USA