Soul Transformation

4 Month 1:1 Container

Are you ready to EMBRACE your unique magnetism and live a life that's aligned with your innate gifts, quantum design and soul purpose?

This is a journey of radical self-awareness, for women who are committed to the work of transformation, ready to arrive at a place of energetic alignment, conscious embodiment and fulfilment to reclaim their authenticity and powerfully embrace their purpose.

1:1 live Coaching sessions, inclusive of full Human Design analysis and integration, plus personalised Breathwork for deeper embodiment and breakthroughs.

These journey's are bespoke to suit your needs.


I'm so pleased that you followed the quiet voice of your intuition to come and meet me in this space, in which you can begin to explore new heights, new possibilities and rebuild the connection to your Soulful self.

Over our time together, we will integrate Human Design into your life, through a process of subconscious Deconditioning, Expansion, Embodiment and Manifestation with a combination of live sessions, coaching, breathwork and self-paced integration. We will uncover the blocks that are holding you back and create the vision of your transformation, connecting you to your Inner QUEEN.

To live out your desires, you MUST know who you are and WHY you are here.

This is for you, if....

You are self-employed or ready to transition from employment to business and recognise the power of support to help you Quantum Leap into your role, whilst building strong, sustainable foundations.

✧ You feel the call embrace your deeper purpose, to contribute to society through meaningful work, to be SEEN by those you are right for you and you are devoted to bringing this mission to life.

You have repetitive patterns in your life that you would like to break. And the time is now.

You yearn to understand yourself at a deeper level, to develop true self-love and a deeper trust in your inner knowing.

You've tried alone, you've invested in programs and seen some positive results but you're craving the personal 1:1 time, support and focussed attention as you transition and grow, to crystalize a more sustainable path.

You keep waiting for something to happen. You're ready to up-level, craving an expansion, yet somehow time keeps passing you by.

You understand the value in personal inner growth and you know that it has the power to transform your whole life. You are READY to commit to yourself.

Sara Miller Soul Stories Human Design-16

What are the benefits?

» Action steps to create work and lifestyle transformation, leading to fulfilment and vitality at a Soul level.

» Energetic and emotional alignment, with the awareness to maintain balance within yourself always.

» Empowered ability to change your life and move forward, without the fear and procrastination.

» Uncovering the code to claim your gifts and higher purpose.

» Following your own divine timing and trusting your intuition, with unshakable faith.

» Developing radical self-awareness, which is the key to self-acceptance, self-compassion and a deep sense of self love.

» Learning to balance your nervous system and be present in your body and become comfortable with the uncomfortable, so that you can CREATE from safety.


» Becoming the master of your own mindset.


What's Included?

✧ 1 x Free 30m connection call.

✧ 12 x total sessions (3 per month with 1 week for integration) - Consisting of full Human Design chart analysis, personalised breakthrough breathwork sessions & coaching.

✧ Voxer access between meetings (voice noting tool). 

✧ Video + guidebook for your Energy Type.

✧ Supportive guided meditation audios.

✧ Plus at home supportive exercises.

You have the resources inside of yourself to achieve your desires and a unique role to play within humanity. It’s my purpose to guide you to uncover that, to reconnect you to your inner leadership and unlock your Inner GENIUS.

I work with clients who are yearning for more from life, exploring themselves, committed to their personal growth and who want to create a meaningful impact in the World, who are ready and willing to show up for themselves, as I will too.


If you’re feeling called to take this journey, please book a free 30m clarity call to discuss your needs, get to know each other and begin the journey of co-creating your vision.

If you're curious, then fill out the form and we'll have a a no-obligation to chat to suss out if this is the best fit for you.

* I take a limited number of 1:1 Coaching clients at a time to ensure maximum energetic commitment and availability. I HAVE 2 SPOTS OPEN FOR DECEMBER 2021. Investment will increase in 2022.

What would be possible if you lived with deep trust in yourself?

We are co-creators on this journey and your unique essence combined with mine will create a completely unique path, which will unfold perfectly. 

What happens next?

» If you choose to commit to your higher self and invest in your future, simply click the button below.

» You will fill in a few questions to really focus our time together and then select a time in my calendar for a no-obligation connection call.

» If you feel pulled to take this journey with me, we’ll discuss your current situation, desires, next steps and payment plan.

» I’ll get to work on uncovering the codes that lie within your your Human Design chart so that we can create uncover your unique magic.

» And then we spend 4 months together, moving through my unique D.E.E.P Method of Deconditioning, Empowerment, Embodiment, arriving at Soulful purpose. Synthesising Human Design, Gene Keys, Breathwork, Meditation and Coaching, you will have my full support, guidance, trust and toolkit to manifest the life of your desires.


I have no idea what Human Design is. Will I still benefit?

Absolutely! I will speak to whichever level you are at. Whether you're brand new, or deep on your HD journey, there's always more to learn about yourself. To discover your chart and learn more about the basics of Human Design, go to the About Page at the top of the site.

How much time do I need to commit to the mentorship?

There are 12 x 75 minute sessions to be taken within 4 months. There will be guidance for at home exercises and lifestyle adjustments, to ensure consistency in your growth and learning. It's really up to you how much time you feel called to spend here and each person learns, resonates and integrates differently on their path. Your results are based on your own embodiment of the wisdom and tools discussed.

I'd love to do this, but I can't afford to invest in myself right now.

I completely understand and I've been there myself. I am absolutely open to payment plans and finding a way for this to work that is comfortable for you. To invest in ourselves is something that needs to feel the right priority for us at the time. And if it is something that you really believe in, you will be supported along that path. Ultimately, this Coaching journey is here to quantum leap you to greater results and your investment will be reflected in your expansion.

How do I know if I'm ready to take the journey?

If you're here and you're reading this, then most likely, you are ready. Human Design is for people are searching and craving that next step in their journey, ready to commit to themselves and do the work necessary. In fact it isn't work, because you love to learn and you will thrive with support and new tools to play with. Are you ready to uplevel? If it's yes, then it's a yes to this.