Investing in this container with Sara was one of the single best decisions I've ever made for myself. Sara was the catalyst, the container and a mirror to recognising myself, finding myself and my own inner strength and wisdom. The gifts and insight I have received suring this time are immeasurable. This container is completely transformative.

I absolutely adore Sara. She has such a pure, wise and insightful energy that guided me through so many areas of confusion, pain and grief. She did not show me the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, she helped me realise that I could find the light myself, by returning to myself.

I was so lost when I started this container. The grounded security I feel within myself now is absolutely incredible. This "me" had been here all along, I just didn't know it.

Sara creates an unbelievably safe, secure, loving and completely judgement free space that allows you to be open, to be raw and to meet your beautiful self. Sara is not just a wonderful coach with so much learned AND embodied knowledge, experience, wisdom and love for her clients; Her willingness to be vulnerable and transparent of her own journey is incredibly healing and inspirational. I will forever be grateful to this gift that Sara has given me; the connection to myself.


Working with Sara has been such a positive and enlightening experience. I feel stronger, more positive and healthier.  My focus at work has improved, as has my ability to push myself and my perceived boundaries.

Sara goes above and beyond and is genuinely interested in my well-being. She has positively impacted all areas of my life and I’m so thankful to her. Not only has she helped to improve my life, but she has improved that of my families too.

- Gemma, UK

Sara is more than a holistic coach, she is an absolute inspiration and a delight to work with. I look forward to our calls and love being able to talk so openly and honestly with her as she is so calm, understanding and positive. I couldn’t recommend Sara enough to anyone, her love and guidance is what you don’t know you need until you commit it back to her…and yourself! 

- Kayleigh, Sydney

After trying to pinpoint a new direction for myself for an extremely long time, I was tired, confused and losing faith. I took a 4-week Coaching journey with Sara and the result was amazing. Sara helped me to identify my personal barriers and align to my gifts and desires. Our conversations were purposeful, nurturing and helped me to focus on my goals in a meaningful way. There is such power in this knowledge. Since then, I have made tangible changes to my life, I feel energised, strong and inspired. This really is a just do for everyone.  

- Emma, UK


Sara is such a warm and authentic guide. We were lucky to meet through Instagram and I was instantly drawn to her energy and care. She is so knowledgeable and she really held space for me to absorb and learn my human design. She helped me see my patterns and unlock areas of my life that I needed to talk through. I would highly recommend others to work with Sara.

- Elisabetta E, USA

I honestly feel like my life has completely changed today! Everything Sara said felt aligned and I'm sure in time other parts of the reading will keep speaking to me in new ways. I feel so calm and reassured that I am on the right path in life and I am excited for the rest of my journey. By understanding that I am a Generator and what that means, I can now use this to the best of my ability to proceed further in life all aspects of my life! 

- Holly, UK 

It's all about the delivery - My reading with Sara changed the entire course of my biz and life in general. I just re-booked a package with my partner for our combined analysis!

- Hara, USA