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1:1 Soul Expansion

My signature 1:1 kick starter package is a 1 month DEEP dive into your unique design, synthesised with (optional) personalised breathwork sessions to create subconscious shifts and raise your vibration! 

Learn to THRIVE in a way that is completely unique to you and EMBODY the person that you came here to be.​

This is for you if...

✧ You are feeling stuck, directionless, lacking clarity and confidence to create the life that you desire.

✧ You feel the call to unlock your FULL potential and stand in your AUTHENTIC truth.

✧ You are READY to empower yourself with new information and tools, and are COMMITTED to your personal growth.

✧ You are curious and open-minded, with a desire to EXPAND into a new way of thinking, to let go of old beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you.

✧ You're a wellness enthusiast and spiritual seeker, who understands that true alignment is a combination of MENTAL, PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL and ENVIRONMENTAL nourishment.

✧ You've heard of Human Design, but you need someone to break it down i and teach you how to integrate it...Like, yesterday!​​

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What are the benefits?

» RADICAL self-awareness, which is the pathway to self-acceptance, self-love and self-expression. 

» Self-empowerment to move forward and create positive change.


» Inspired energy and renewed motivation for life.


» Compassion for your areas of challenge and growth, and for those around you.

» A renewed faith in Universal flow, with tools to connect with your own divine timing and intuition.

» CLARITY around who you are, why you are here and what has been holding you back.

What's Included?

» 1 x Video for your energy type + guide book

» 4 x 75 minute weekly live Zoom sessions

(sessions: Chart Reading / Coaching / Breathwork)

» Supportive guided meditations + at-home exercises

» Voxer access between sessions (voice note support)

Human Design transformed my life.
I will never look at things in the same way again.

Why Choose the kickstarter package?

In just one month you will experience transformation in your mindset, clarity around the next steps to take towards manifesting your desires & a deep insight into your Soul, allowing you to embrace the parts of yourself you've lost connection with.

Together, we will deeply dive into your current situation, assessing where you would like to go & what is stopping you from getting there.

I will analyse & share the codes within your chart, empowering you to embrace your gifts & understand the areas of challenge & growth. 

In this time, you will observe the ways in which this information plays out in your reality and begin to embody and integrate. You will be set with a new perspective and powerful tools to take forward into continued expansion.

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Are you looking for deep discovery and long lasting transformation?

In order to access deeper healing and create long lasting transformational effects in our lives, we need to create space to invest time in ourselves and make a commitment to change. Human Design is a profound knowledge, that in it's entirety requires awareness, experimentation and self-reflection.


The system gives you the keys, but you have to jump in, turn the key and discover for yourself.


The magic is in the experience.


If you feel called to take the journey, then the Soul Transformation Mentorship might be for you. 

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What Emma had to say after just ...

"After trying to pinpoint a new direction for myself over an extremely long time, I was tired, confused and losing faith. I took a 4-week Coaching journey with Sar and the result was amazing! Sara helped me to identify my personal barriers and align to my gifts and desires. Our conversations felt purposeful, nurturing and helped me to focus on my goals in a meaningful way. There is such power in these discussions. Since then, I have started to make tangible changes to my life, I feel energised, strong and inspired. This really is a just do for everyone."


Emma, UK 


I've no idea what Human Design is. Will I still benefit?

Absolutely! I will speak to whichever level you are at. Whether you're brand new, or deep on your HD journey, there's always more to learn about yourself.

How much time do I need to commit to the mentorship?

There are 6 x 75 minute sessions to be taken within 12 weeks, as I recommend 10 -14 days between them, so this is 2.5 hours per month. I will provide exercises for you to complete at your leisure, to ensure consistency in your growth and learning. It's really up to you how much time you feel called to spend here, but I recommend sparing an hour per week, which is easily broken up into smaller chunks. So altogether, 6.5 hours per month.

I'd love to do this, but I can't afford to invest in myself right now.

I completely understand and I've been there myself. I am absolutely open to payment plans and finding a way for this to work that is comfortable for you. To invest in ourselves is something that needs to feel the right priority for us at the time. And if it is something that you really believe in, the right time and the money will come. Investing in yourself is truly the best investment you will ever make.

How do I know if I'm ready to take the journey?

If you're here and you're reading this, then most likely, you are ready. Human Design is for people are searching and craving that next step in their journey, ready to commit to themselves and do the work necessary. In fact it isn't work, because you love to learn and you will thrive with support and new tools to play with. Are you ready to uplevel? If it's yes, then it's a yes to this.

What happens next?

» If you choose to commit to your higher self, to discover your inner genius and invest in your future, simply click the button below.

» You will fill in a few questions to really focus our time together and then select a time in my calendar for a no-obligation connection call.

» We’ll discuss your current situation, desires, next steps, process, any questions you have.

» If it's a fit, I’ll get to work on uncovering the codes that lie within your your Human Design chart so that we can create the the most powerful journey together.

» I have limited spaces available for this package until the end of 2021 and the investment will increase next year. If you are ready to book without taking a connection call, you are welcome to go ahead by clicking the 'BOOK NOW' button above.