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For conscious women, who are ready to overcome their limits and achieve their goals.

This is the place where we learn to embody our Souls design, through a holistic layered approach, educational content, live group masterclasses, inspiring guest expert collaborations, embodiment practices and soul-filled community connections.




This will be a 2 part live group series;

Wednesday 21st July @ 8pm LONDON time / 2 hours

Wednesday 4th August @ 8pm LONDON time / 90m

Both sessions will be recorded and sent out afterwards.

The first session will be a 2 hour DEEP dive into ALL things Projector - Energy, Purpose, Mechanics of the Invitation, Current time on the planet and the different types of Authority. I will guide a lesson and there will be time for conversation and Q&A.

The second session will be a breathwork session to unblock stagnent energy and release conditioning, uniquely focussed on the Projector experience.

First we LEARN and then we EMBODY.

This will be an invaluable experience for anyone on the Projector journey, looking to go deeper and to align with their energy and purpose.

EARLY BIRD price is £50 for BOTH sessions.

Once payment is made, you will receive an email with information for attendance.

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Free Online Sister Circle

Join the community for a free online Sister Circle on Tuesday 22nd June at 7.30pm BST (London).

I will lead a beautiful guided meditation, followed by intention setting. I will speak briefly on the subject of Human Design and create a space for those who would like to share or ask questions.

Bring a journal and pen, enough space to lay down and a blanket if that feels good to you.